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HCR Institute Treatment Programs

We, at HCR Institute, follow a comprehensive treatment program that not only aims at removal of symptoms, but also focuses on the patients’ effective reintegration into the mainstream society. The treatment programs begin immediately after the patient is admitted. An adequate rapport is formed between the patient and all the staff members, as a prerequisite for effective treatment. Pathological investigations are carried out, if needed, and psychological assessments are done, which involves the use of objective, projective, and semi-projective tests. Henceforth, internationally accepted comprehensive treatment programs are planned and carried out by our team of professionals. In case of patients with substance abuse/dependence, detoxification is done; following which, a 12-step approach to deaddiction is taken up.

Regular sessions of individual and group therapy are planned for the patients. Individual psychotherapy may involve the use of cognitive-behavioral, insight-oriented, interpersonal, humanistic/existential, family, marital, art, music and dance & movement therapies. Group sessions are also planned for the inpatients on a daily basis. Occupational therapy, social skills training, assertiveness training, prevocational and vocational training, psychodrama and role plays are essential elements of the individual and group therapy sessions. We emphasize greatly on continuous evaluation and development of basic and instrumental activities of daily living (ADLs) to foster independent living in our patients.

A strict daily routine is followed at the institute, with all daily activities performed at a fixed time, so as to enable the patients to instill discipline into an otherwise undisciplined lifestyle. Motivation enhancement continues to be one of our major focuses throughout the treatment program, in order to encourage the patients in their move towards leading a better and a healthier life, both mentally and physically. Continuous medical and nursing care is available for the inpatients, and pathological investigations are carried out at regular intervals. The procedure of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is also available. Our institute is equipped at handling crises of all kinds, which is further made possible by tie-ups with hospitals and private clinics, where the patients might be taken in case of a medical emergency.

We, at HCR Institute, work as a team to assist the patient in his/her reintegration into the mainstream society, and offer care and support at every step to make this a possibility.

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