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HCR Institute Rehab Center

We offer comprehensive short-term and long-term rehab facilities for patients with psychiatric illnesses including deaddiction. We aim to reintegrate the patient effectively into the mainstream society and to assist him/her to lead as normal a life as possible. In addition to symptom relief, we aim to restore structure in the patients’ lives, along with comprehensive psychotherapy facilities to help the patient cope up with the demands of daily life.

Even after recovery and discharge from the hospital, a continuous follow-up is done with the patient and his/her family members, thereby aiding in relapse prevention. Our facility offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, so as to provide maximum comfort and benefit to the patients. The team at HCR Institute comprises of consultant psychiatrists, consultant physicians, anesthetist, clinical psychologists, counselors, and psychiatric social workers, apart from the other hospital staff.

HCR Institute
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