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HCR Institute

HCR Institute located in the outskirts of Delhi, is a mental health facility providing quality services in the field of psychiatry and deaddiction at affordable costs. It is a residential facility where persons with any kind of mental illness or substance-related problems can seek admission for treatment and rehabilitation services.

In addition to providing symptomatic relief, we focus on effective reintegration of our patients into the mainstream society, while enabling them to experience a better quality of life. Hence, we follow a comprehensive and holistic approach in our treatment processes. The natural surroundings, picturesque landscapes, verdant meadows and serenity of the place pose a natural healing effect on the psyche of the patients.

HCR Institute boasts of fully trained and experienced team of professionals, which includes consultant psychiatrists, consultant physicians, anesthetist, clinical psychologists, counselors, and psychiatric social workers, apart from the other hospital staff. The entire team works in unison and each member carries out his/her responsibilities with utmost dedication, commitment and compassion, thus providing remarkable results in assisting our patients lead better, richer, and more satisfying lives.

We serve. . . Because. . . We care. . . ! ! !

HCR Institute
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