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I live overseas and my sibling, a psychiatric patient of many years, was getting little or no proper treatment. Her condition had never been diagnosed properly. My parents were aware that my sister's situation was not good, but they were in denial. They were assuming she would get better eventually.

Anyone who is around a person with mental challenges, must realize that the conditions should be handled by professionals. With the taboo around mental issues, parents are the last people to accept that the patient requires professional help and intervention.

With the years of terrible care, my sister was getting angrier. It was getting reclusive, combative and hard to communicate with. Her hygiene was terrible and she would not allow anyone to help her. The situation was deteriorating, rapidly. My parents were not cooperating and were getting old and sick. They were stubborn and would not let me intervene. I was getting very disheartened and worried since I live far away.

On every trip to India, I looked for care/psychologists on my own. I had spent years looking for suitable help and support. It was never satisfactory.

Last year, my mother was close to her death bed. My sister's condition was horrendous when I reached Delhi. Out of sheer desperation, I checked the internet and found HCR. I sent a request to be contacted. Within a few hours, I received a call from the Institute inviting me to visit. With a prayer in my heart, I went to check the place out. I was on the threshold of making life decisions for a family member I cared for deeply. I had to be sure that no harm came to her.

However, when I arrived at the Institute, I had a clear and honest conversation with Dr Raheja and Dr Alagh. They were able to diagnose the condition immediately. For years, I had spent time with psychologists who could not give me a straight forward answer. And here I was, sitting in front of two very capable doctors. They were kind and understanding and very confident. I felt I had reached 'home'. They understood that I needed her to be treated. I also wanted that she come home and try to integrate with society again.

HCR was able to arrange to pick up my sister from our home, which was one of the biggest hurdles. They kept her at HCR for a few months. She learned to be responsible, she learned a routine which she responded to. She learned how to take her medication. She liked the order it brought to her life.

While at HCR, she had made friends with the other patients and the staff. She liked the conversation and the 'school setting'. She realizes the authority of the doctors and staff, but she was very fond of them.

When she returned home, she was getting up in the morning, taking care of her personal hygiene, taking her medication and keeping busy. Over the months, she has gone for visits as part of her check up. She is happy to meet her old friends. Recently, my sister has needed some intervention. HCR responded immediately. They made home visits and regulated her medication.

HCR is a very professional Institute. The doctors and staff are very responsive and caring. I feel the support I have had, is excellent. They are 'my family'. They have rescued my sister. My sister, a brilliant, caring, gentle soul who fell into a very sad circumstance, is getting better day by day. I have hope that she will improve each year. Anyone reading my review, please do not take mental health lightly. Please seek proper and professional help. India is lucky to have such an excellent Institute and such wonderful and thoughtful people helping our families.

May god bless them!

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