HCR Institute – The Pillar For Mental Health Improvement

Standing on the firm pillars of experienced doctors, the HCR institute promises the best deaddiction and psychiatric treatments for its patients. The process of admission is simple and wallet-friendly. Any person with mental illness is explained the procedure of admission after consultation. Until the illness is cured, the patient is treated under the residential facility.

The pictures of the interior and exterior ambiance of the institute will amaze any pair of eyes. The doctors believe in the comprehensive treatment of the patients by providing them a healthy environment. This is why, the institute is located away from the city, on the outskirts of Delhi to provide a nature-friendly vibe. The green surroundings coupled with a clean and calm environment plays a vital role in the treatment of the patients.   

The foundation bricks of HCR institute were laid in 1968 under the name of Raheja Nursing Home. Dr. H.C. Raheja was in the prime years of his profession when he decided to build an institute comprising of the best psychiatrist in India. That’s when Raheja Nursing Home grew into the National Institute of Psychiatry. Later on, Dr. Nikhil Raheja continued living his father’s dream of being the best psychiatrist in Delhi and providing premium treatments to the patients in need.

Not only in psychiatry, but HCR institute has also proved its position as a reputed deaddiction center for the past 46 years. The staff members, jointly holding the experience of multiple years, leave no stone unturned in providing the best treatment to their patients. The testimonials on their webpage act as a proof of the quality of services the HCR institute provides.

Among the most important list of services the institute provides is the Psychiatric Emergency section. It becomes difficult to handle mentally extreme cases but the trained professional doctors available at the institute along with the best psychiatrist on duty, treat the cases of emergency with diligence. They also have a reputation for being the best Rehab center for drug and alcohol addicts.

HCR Institute also provides inpatient facility for mental patients that require special attention. Also, it works as a long-term residential home for psychiatric patients that need 24-hour care around them. Having learned the importance of the right treatment for the patients in need, the institute provides the mentioned premium facilities at very affordable rates. Dr. Nikhil Raheja (Director of HCR Institute) and Dr. Rajiv Sharma are the consultants that take care of the patients seeking admission in the center.

The cost of liberating a person drowning in the dark ocean of substance abuse can never be paid. This institute works around the clock to improve the quality of many lives. Their only motivation is the smiling and independent faces, living away from mental or addiction problems. Every patient is like a family member in the residential facility of HCR institute. They spend most of their lives getting treated and taken care of by the well-qualified nurses and doctors around them.

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